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【导演】:William Lee
【主演】: Angela Duggins, Sam Cullingworth, Anita Farmer Bergman
【标签】: 恐怖
【片长】: 133
【原名】:6 Feet Below Hell
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:4.5
【IMDb链接】: tt6258256
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在这部6 Feet Below Hell恐怖片中,

When Islamic Terrorists hired by Russians set off dirty bombs around the world, a deadly virus transforms the bulk of the world's population into the living dead. Zakariah Stone (William Lee) is the one man who may hold the cure. He teams up with a band of outlaws (WIlliam Wreggelsworth, Ray Powell, Banza Townsend and Erin Perez) to deliver the antidote to Dr. Samuelson (Sonny Burnette) the only man who can reproduce the vaccine. Standing in their way is General Peters (Jim Owens) a madman who has created an army of the dead: soldiers created from cadavers to do his bidding---and hordes of zombies out for a kill..

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