• 克罗诺斯计划


    /科幻/短片//Hasraf Dulull/Noeleen Comiskey, Georgina Blackledge, Colin Emerson, Wes Nike, Victor Perez

    Project Kronos is a documentary film following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds, the scientists f ind themselves questioning whether the space agency’s solution to achieving interstellar space travel is ethical at all.

    2017-05-18 21
  • 艾希沃克斯


    /科幻/奇幻/短片/阿拉伯语/Oliver Bou Eid/Stephanie Atala/Thierry Diab/Mony Gedeon/Jamil Ghrawi

    After the discovery of the Ercevax vaccine, a scientist goes back in time in an attempt to save his son's life.

    2017-05-18 13
  • 人人都爱查尔斯




    2017-05-17 11
  • 梦魇计划


    噩梦计划/科幻/惊悚/恐怖/英语/Donald M. Jones/Charles Miller/Seth Foster/Elly Koslo

    2017-05-16 12
  • 超自然距离


    仨小大盜 (台)/A Distância/Distanca/Dystans(波兰)/Дистанция/The Distance/科幻/悬疑/俄語 / 日语/Sergio Caballero/Jinson Añazco/Michal Lagosz/Alberto Condón

    Vasiliy Lébedev was a young peasant from Crimea who decided to go to Siberia to work in a coal mine. With his sense of opportunity, his lack of scruples and taking advantage of the end of Perestroika, he quickly landed a position at the helm of one of the most important Power Plants in Siberia. After the fall of the old USSR-and thanks to his own cunning-he...

    2017-05-12 18
  • 翠星之加尔刚蒂亚:继续巡游的航路,向着远方(前篇)


    Suisei no Gargantia: Meguru Koro, Haruka/科幻/动画/日语/村田和也/石川界人/金元寿子/水瀬いのり/茅野愛衣

    Production I.Gが制作、ニトロプラスの人気脚本家・虚淵玄がシリーズ構成、「鋼の錬金術師」「コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ」といった人気作品で演出を手がけてきた村田和也が監督を務め、2013年4~6月にテレビ放送されたオリジナルSFアニメーション「翠星のガルガンティア」の続編となるOVA前編。愛機チェインバーとの別れから約半年。大海原を行く船団ガルガンティアで、仲間たちと...

    2017-05-12 14
  • 新星种子


    /科幻/奇幻/冒险/英语/Nick DiLiberto/Joe DiLiberto/Nick DiLiberto/Shawn Donovan/John Jellinek

    Beneath the decay of a dying world lives the Mad Doctor Mindskull. Using the planet's power of creation he has created the ultimate Weapon. Can mankind find a way to stop this Evil before time runs out? The only answer lies within the Nova Seed.

    2017-05-12 20
  • 虚空计划


    /科幻/同性/英语/Davi Santos/Davi Santos/Christopher James Lopez/Joe Cummings

    A fugitive rehabilitates a young genius at the cusp of a technological breakthrough while evading the cross-hair of the world's greatest superpower.

    2017-05-11 11
  • 太空登月记



    2017-05-11 10
  • 钢铁之巨人


    Super Giant 1/科幻/动作/冒险/日语/石井辉男/宇津井健/池内淳子/林寛


    2017-05-09 14
  • Акванавты


    Akvanavty/The Aquanauts/科幻/俄语/Igor Voznesensky/

    2017-05-08 10
  • No Such Thing As Gravity

    [1989]No Such Thing As Gravity[豆瓣0分]

    /科幻/短片/英语/Alyce Wittenstein/

    2017-05-08 23
  • 使徒十三


    Trinadtsatyy apostol/科幻/俄语/Suren Babayan/

    The film works of Ray Bradbury "Martian Chronicles". Crew members of space expedition died under mysterious circumstances. At the Earth only returned the captain. In the report, he substantiated the ban on further study of this planet. After 15 years, the inspector in charge of the case, learned that a civilization on the planet, where the expedition died, b...

    2017-05-07 10
  • 吃纸的人


    The Paper Eater/科幻/短片/汉语普通话/黄江南/张良/罗天娇


    2017-05-07 12
  • James Batman

    [1966]James Batman[豆瓣0分]

    /科幻/喜剧/动作/塔加路语 / 菲律宾语/Artemio Marquez/Dolphy/Boy Alano

    The hero in this Phillippino movie is an amalgam of two characters: superhero Batman and spy hero James Bond.

    2017-05-07 10
  • The Mojave Experiment

    [2010]The Mojave Experiment[豆瓣0分]

    /科幻/西部/英语/Carly Lyn/Cindy Chiu/Tim Chiou/Nora Jesse/Arita Trahan

    2017-05-07 10
  • Animorphs


    /科幻/英语/Timothy Bond/Shawn Ashmore/Brooke Nevin/Boris Cabrera

    2017-05-07 10
  • Probe


    /科幻/悬疑/英语/William Link/Parker Stevenson/Ashley Crow/Jon Cypher/Clive Revill

    2017-05-07 10
  • 地道战


    地道战/科幻/惊悚/英语/Montgomery Tully/凯文·马修斯


    2017-05-06 10
  • 太空野兽


    The Beast in Space/科幻/意大利语/Alfonso Brescia/Sirpa Lane/Vassili Karis/Lucio Rosato


    2017-05-06 11
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