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【导演】:Winston A. Hall
【标签】: 纪录片/传记/家庭
【上映时间】: 2010
【原名】:Unbroken: The Pearl Bluegrass Circle
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【IMDb链接】: tt1634082
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Unbroken: The Pearl Bluegrass Circle剧情介绍/剧照:

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From director Winston Hall comes the heartwarming story of a monthly bluegrass event held in the tiny town of Pearl, Texas - a town so small it was once taken off the map. Unlike many bluegrass events, Pearl Bluegrass prides itself on its humble, down-to-earth spirit. Far from the city lights, the Pearl Bluegrass jam is rich with a unique authenticity, made stronger by the acceptance of any musician, no matter their playing abilities. The film delves into the colorful characters and the community behind the monthly get-together. Combining interviews with candid observations, impromptu musical jams, and live stage performances, Unbroken offers a glimpse into a place that is fastly becoming an under the radar bluegrass mecca. Uplifting, moving, and humorous, Unbroken will leave you smiling and asking, "Have you ever been to Pearl, Texas?"

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