• 散焦


    /剧情/科幻/英语/Geoffrey Orthwein/麦卡·梦露/马特·欧莱瑞/Arnar Jónsson/Gunnar Helgason

    On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.

    Bokeh.2017.SWESUB.1080p.WEB-DL.x264-FiLMANTA .1.54GB
    散焦.2016.720p高清英语中英双字[BT狗 xiepp.com]..1.25GB

    2017-03-25 70
  • 女郎生贄


    Maruhi: Jorô ikenie/剧情/日语/渡边护/泉理子/爱染恭子/国分二郎

    Liberation … There are many prostitutes burdened with various destinies, which are obstructed to satisfy men’s lust. It is cruel torture to wait for those who have broken the stern rules. That woman loved one of his customers from the bottom of my heart.

    2017-03-24 56
  • 真田十勇士


    Sanada Ten Braves/喜剧/动作/日语/堤幸彦/中村勘九郎/松坂桃李/大岛优子/永山绚斗



    【真田十勇士】【720p】【4.80 GB】【Sanada.Ten.B.4.80GB

    2017-03-24 67
  • 山2


    The Mountain II/剧情/战争/突厥语/Alper Caglar/Ozan Agaç/Bedii Akin/Murat Arkin


    Dag II 2016 1080p.mkv.2.97GB

    2017-04-06 1262
  • Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 2014

    [2014]Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports 20[imdb9.8分]

    /运动/英语/哈密什·汉密尔顿/Jasmine Alveran/丹特·布朗/Dusan Brown/Christian Elizondo

    2017-09-29 12
  • 1 of 13

    [2012]1 of 13[imdb9.8分]

    /恐怖/英语/Doug Roos/Kory Abreu/艾米·乔·约翰逊/Jim Medcraft

    A bizarre package forever changes a couple's relationship.

    2017-04-15 12
  • 爱的空间



    A new father discovers his child is not his own and sets out on a journey to find answers.

    2017-04-01 14
  • The Bastard

    [2016]The Bastard[imdb9.7分]

    /喜剧/恐怖/英语/Garth Smiley/Rob Avery/Pamela Canter/Loren Delk/Edward Haynes Jr.

    A dangerous new street drug, is causing homicidal lunacy, on the streets of Rotwood.

    2017-05-14 12
  • La Belle Vie: The Good Life

    [2015]La Belle Vie: The Good Life[imdb9.7分]

    /历史/冒险/纪录片/英语 / 克里奥尔语 / 法语/Rachelle Salnave/Rachelle Salnave/Michel Martelly/韦克莱夫·让/Hurby Luv Bug Azor

    2017-04-19 15
  • 缺失


    /同性/英语/Joseph Hefner/Elizabeth Lail/Noelle Franco

    Oblivious to their close proximity to one another, two women reflect on a brief connection they shared six months earlier.

    2017-04-13 41
  • 你不是孤儿


    You Are Not An Orphan/短片/俄语/舒赫拉特·阿巴索夫/

    Abbasov, one of the founders of Uzbek national cinematograph, brings out several issues and concerns, typical for the films of Soviet era – the effects of World War II on family life, life in Soviet orphanages and the ‘internationalism’ of Soviet life. Shot in 1963, it shows how children of different nationalities learn to live together as one family as it also brings out ‘Uzbek’ social values – the a...

    2017-09-25 15
  • Tricks


    /剧情/喜剧/短片//Melina Maraki/Tatsuki Kamekawa/苏菲·洛/Jack Naylor/David Novak

    A girl walks into a bookshop.

    2017-09-10 17
  • 向阳之处必有声


    I Hear the Sunspot/Hidamari ga Kikoeru/剧情/爱情/同性/日语/上條大輔/多和田秀弥/小野寺晃良



    2017-05-06 86
  • 小亚裔


    /儿童/同性/英语/Sarah Smith/George Liu/Davis Desmond/Emily Rose Herron

    D.Asian. Identity is in the eye of the beholder.

    2017-04-26 12
  • Madtown


    /剧情/惊悚/英语/Charles Moore/米洛·文堤米利亚/约翰·比灵斯列/杰弗里·格罗弗 Jeffrey Grover/Rachel Melvin

    A stand-up comedian confesses to a murder on-stage at an open mic night to a shocked audience - his crime the result of a deadly triangle formed between his older sister, just released from prison after a 20-year stay for the murder of their parents, the loving bond he now shares with a caring surrogate family, and the ultimate choice he must make between them - his dysfunctional blood ties with his own sis...

    2017-04-23 10
  • DP Fantasies 2

    [2005]DP Fantasies 2[imdb9.6分]

    //英语/Bob Bennett/

    2017-04-09 14
  • 手语爱



    'SIGN' is a short film that tells, through vignettes, music, and sign language, the story of a relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is deaf.

    2017-04-03 13
  • 利物浦2005欧洲冠军杯决赛之路



    At the start of the season there was a nervous excitement at Anfield. With a new manager and some potentially excellent signings Liverpool looked to improve on their performances in previous seasons. With the power of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, Liverpool looked realistically to claim fourth spot in the league to secure Champions League football again. However they weren't to acheive that goal, ...

    YNWA。时光流逝 沧海桑田。不知道是不是利物浦官方那个纪录片呢。

    Liverpool - The Champions League Final 2005.m4v.499.54MB

    2016-05-10 13
  • 在我们国家


    //德语 / 提格利尼亚语 Tigrigna / 英语/Louisa Wagener/Alexes Feelmo/Toto Knoblauch/尼克·罗密欧·黎曼

    Nineteen year old Eritrean refugee Teklebrhan survived his journey through the Libyan desert. In Germany he has a hard time adapting to his new life. Because of him his family is in financial distress. In order to help them out he persuades himself of becoming the next Boateng. He joins a rural soccer team in Bavaria. There he befriends the seventeen year old Anton. Tekle doesn't realize that he isn't talen...

    2017-05-17 12
  • อมีน


    AMEEN/剧情/泰语/Hamisi Akhi-Rath/雷·麦克唐纳/Suchao Pongwilai

    2017-04-29 11
  • 十亿生命


    /历史/纪录片/英语/Aaron Biebert/Clive Bates/Delon Human/Oliver Kershaw/Jeff Stier

    A true story of the vaping revolution and tragic corruption leading to a billion deaths around the world.

    A.Billion.Lives.(2016)720p.WebRip.AAC.Plex .2.79GB
    A Billion Lives (2016) HDRip MP4 - roflcopter21.1.12 GB
    A Billion Lives 2016 480p WEB-DL x264-RMTeam .416.81MB

    2017-04-17 22
  • Girls Aloud伦敦演唱会

    [2009]Girls Aloud伦敦演唱会[imdb9.5分]

    Girls Aloud伦敦演唱会//英语//Cheryl Cole/Nadine Coyle/Sarah Harding/Nicola Roberts

    作为英国最受欢迎的女子流行组合之一,Girls Aloud的很多专辑、单曲都是英国流行音乐专辑榜和单曲榜中的常客。作为Girls Aloud组合的第五张专辑,这张《Out of Control》在英国唱片上市首周成功当选销量冠军. 在《Out of Control》正式上市之前,首支打榜单曲《The Promise》已经在英国单曲榜中空降榜首,成为Girls Aloud在英国流行音乐单曲榜中的第三首冠军单曲,连续第18首打进英国单曲榜前十名的单曲。典型的商业团体,每张专辑依靠个别突...

    2017-04-09 10
  • 雅尼2006年拉斯维加斯音乐会


    /音乐//George Veras/

    雅尼,当今最伟大的New Age大师,全球闻名的演奏家、作曲家,两度被格莱美奖提名,其作品在过去十年中一直是奥林匹克运动会广播音乐的最爱。 雅尼1954年11月14日出生在希腊一个沿海的小镇,家中有三个孩子,雅尼有一个哥哥和一个妹妹,小镇上每到夜幕降临,总会有人欢跃的起舞,雅尼正是在这样的环境下对音乐产生了兴趣。 雅尼出生在一个虽谈不上贫寒,但也并不富裕的家庭,父母每天都要为家人的生活而奔波,雅尼和同年龄的伙伴一样,在游泳...

    Yanni (Live!) The Concert event (Live) 2006 (Di.363.42MB
    Yanni Live! The Concert Event 2006.mp4.1.7 GB
    Yanni.Live.The.Concert.Event.2006.BluRay.720p.D.5.7 GB

    2016-10-21 16
  • 涅磐纽约不插电演唱会


    /纪录片/音乐/English/Beth McCarthy-Miller/科特·柯本/大卫·格鲁/Cris Kirkwood...Himself、Curt Kirkwood...Himself、Krist Novoselic...Himself、Pat Smear...Himself

    1993年11月18日,Nirvana应邀为MTV制作Unplugged演唱会。乐队三个成员极少有地坐在凳子上,穿着干净整齐,演出了一场比他们想象中感觉要好的演唱会。"我们演出前一天还在讨论会不会坐在那里象傻子那样,可是当摄影镜头慢慢摇过来的时候,感觉突然好起来了。""你知道,这种演唱会按道理来说不会好到那里去的,我意思是说,我们根本就觉得讨厌,可是结果还挺让我们满意,我们很惊奇地感到愉快。。。 一个月后, MTV在全美播出这场演唱会。之后...


    Nirvana - Unplugged UNCUT (DVD) .4.44GB
    Nirvana - Unplugged in New YorkAVI.699 MB
    Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York (www.kinoko.1.99 GB

    2016-05-08 17
  • 梦想,女孩


    /纪录片/英语/Erin Bagwell/Erin Bagwell/Mariama Camara/Komal Minhas

    Dream, Girl is a documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. Let's stop telling girls they can be anything they want to be and show them what it means to be a leader. After quitting her 9 to 5 to make a movie and launch her own company, Erin Bagwell discovers what it really takes to be a successful founder. The film focuses on five entrepreneurs Mariama Camara, Komal ...

    2017-10-12 14
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