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【主演】: Buster Larsen/Else Benedikte Madsen
【标签】: 喜剧
【上映时间】: 1981-02-16
【原名】:Jeppe på bjerget
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:5.3
【IMDb链接】: tt0082583
【编辑整理】: [下片片网]www.xiepp.com


在这部Jeppe på bjerget喜剧片中,

The Baron, and his people decide to imagine a social experiment. They carry Jeppe, who is the most inept peasant of all, and who is senseless of drinking, up into the Baron's bed to see what will happen. Jeppe awakens and wonders if he has come in heaven, or whether he is still alive. He quickly changes character from being oppressed and hounded with by all and sundry to become oppressor himself. He is then, when the Barons "experiment" is done, thrown back into the "real life" and onto a dung heap. A fake tribunal is made by the Baron for (a fictitious) court and Jeppe is hung, (again fakely for sport) Jeppe thinks he's dead and is again met by his wife who starts beating him and yelling and pulls him back into reality!

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