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【导演】:Robert Benfer
【标签】: 动画/动作/冒险
【上映时间】: 2005
【片长】: 90
【原名】:Klay World: Off the Table
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:8.7
【IMDb链接】: tt0757996
【编辑整理】: [下片片网]www.xiepp.com


在这部Klay World: Off the Table动画/动作/冒险片中,

Klay World isn't actually a world, it's just a table with a bunch of blue klaymen on it. They have never accomplished anything with their sad little lives ... until another species of claymen communicate with them over radio. Now Klay World has a chance to finally become something bigger. The only problem is that they have to leave the table for the first time ever and travel through the outdoors to find these new klay people.

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