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【主演】: 杰亚姆·拉维/阿凡德·斯瓦米/汉西卡·莫瓦妮/纳赛尔
【标签】: 动作/惊悚
【上映时间】: 2017-02-02(印度)
【片长】: 160
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:6.4
【IMDb链接】: tt6340112
【编辑整理】: [下片片网]www.xiepp.com


在这部Bogan动作/惊悚片中,Who is Bogan? That is the question that drives this movie about things not being as they seem.

Bogan is about a police officer vikram played by Jayam ravi on his way to find a culprit on a bank theft case, happens to chase Adhithya, played by Arvind swami. Soon after vikram arrests Adhithya by a brilliant plan, the film takes its next level, with a terrific intervel block. Film is racy post interval and ends up as an above average thriller with fantastic performnace from Arvind swami and Jayam Ravi. Film has an adapted theme from some hollywood films, still makes a mark with racy script but has flaws with forceful afdition of songs and commercial must haves of tamil cinema.


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