• Männen och Bergman

    [2008]Männen och Bergman[豆瓣0分]

    The Men & Bergman/纪录片//Eva Beling/Thommy Berggren/Börje Ahlstedt/Thorsten Flinck/Erland Josephson

    Ingmar Bergman himself has often stressed how important the actors are to his work, and that they constitute his greatest source of inspiration. From this perspective it ...

    2019-10-19 12
  • The Battle for Whiteclay

    [2008]The Battle for Whiteclay[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Mark Vasina/

    The Battle for Whiteclay is a documentary film released in 2008 which chronicles the efforts of Native American activists Frank LaMere (Winnebago), Duane Martin Sr., and ...

    2019-10-18 15
  • The Green Bay Packers - The Complete History

    [2003]The Green Bay Packers - The Comple[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Patrick Kelleher/Earl Mann/Ray Scott

    Since their inception in the NFL in 1920, the Green Bay Packers has become one of the most legendary franchises in sports history. In NFL HISTORY OF THE GREEN BAY PACKERS...

    2019-10-18 14
  • 没关系米歇尔


    /纪录片/法语/Marie-Pierre Grenier/

    An occasionally high-strung but thoroughly charming 84-year-old transgender lothario takes us on a rollercoaster ride where humour, manipulation and nostalgia are meticul...

    2019-10-17 12
  • Vedno smo bili titovo Velenje

    [1982]Vedno smo bili titovo Velenje[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/短片//Antun Markic/

    2019-10-18 14
  • 让·米歇尔·雅尔:电子乐之旅


    Jean-Michel Jarre: A Journey Through Electronic Music/Jean-Michel Jarre: Un voyage à travers le son/纪录片/音乐/法语 / 英语/Birgit Herdlitschke/让-米歇尔·雅尔/Little Boots/莫比

    德国DEF Media和法国Arte联合制作,芬兰YLE播出过。影片原名《Jean-Michel Jarre: A Journey Into Sound》。 Jean Michel Jarre,出生于1948年8月24日,法国里昂,自五岁起就开始练习...

    2019-10-17 14
  • 腾飞五千年之战国春秋



    2019-10-18 14
  • 如何成为好总统


    /纪录片/英语/Rachel Jardine/Jonathan Freedland/Yasmin Alibhai-Brown/Harold Evans/Bonnie Greer

    Journalist and author Jonathan Freedland asks, in a quick tour through the history of the US presidency, what qualities a great president needs and what can be learnt fro...

    2019-10-17 12
  • 屎


    /纪录片/英语/Per-Åke Holmquist/Afsar H. Jafri/Emma Janke/Barun S. Mitra

    2019-10-17 13
  • Hjerter Dame

    [2018]Hjerter Dame[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/丹麦语/Louise Detlefsen/Lizette Risgaard

    2019-10-18 15
  • 清官杨涟




    2019-10-17 15
  • 搜索


    Detection/纪录片/德语/Kathrina Edinger/

    Consideration of past, present and future of a small village in Germany. For over a century — wars and states went by — the military is the largest employer. The everyd...

    2019-10-17 15
  • With Love & Respect: A Reunion of the Lombardi Green Bay Packers
  • 老杨觅偶




    2019-10-17 15
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen: Momente

    [1966]Karlheinz Stockhausen: Momente[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/音乐/法语 / 德语/Gérard Patris/卡尔海因茨·施托克豪森

    Between 1965-1968 Luc Ferrari with his best friend Gérard Patris made a five-part series of documentaries for French television based on the concept of discussing the wo...

    2019-10-17 13
  • 万里长城



    《万里长城》 上海科学教育电影制片厂1981年摄制。编剧:卞佩才、殷培龙,导演:殷培龙,摄影: 朱永镐,顾问:罗哲文。影片介绍长城的历史、位置、风貌及传说,重点展现山海关、八达...

    2019-10-18 18
  • 让-米歇尔·雅尔:中国音乐会


    /纪录片/英语/Andrew Piddington/让-米歇尔·雅尔/夏洛特·兰普林


    2019-10-17 15
  • 菲利普·K·迪克的世界


    The Worlds of Philip K. Dick/纪录片/英语/Yann Coquart/菲利普·K·迪克/鲁特格尔·哈尔/Gregg Rickman/大卫·布瑞恩

    In this documentary film, viewers learn about the life of Philip K. Dick including his early work as a pulp fiction novelist, his successful career with Hollywood, and hi...

    2019-10-17 13
  • Póvoa de Varzim

    [1965]Póvoa de Varzim[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片//Perdigão Queiroga/

    2019-10-18 13
  • როცა დედამიწა მსუბუქია

    [2015]როცა დედამიწა მსუბ[豆瓣0分]

    Rotsda Dedamitsa Msubukia/When the Earth Seems to Be Light/纪录片/格鲁吉亚语/David Meskhi/

    Impressions from the lives of young skaters, artists and musicians in the Republic of Georgia, creating their own open spaces

    2019-10-17 15
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