• Action League Now!! Season 1

    [2003]Action League Now!! Season 1[豆瓣0分]

    //英语/Freddie Mercury Jr./Veronica Alicino

    The show follows four superheroes, who are action figures, on stopping evil. There is The Flesh, who is "Super strong and super naked," ThunderGirl, who has the ability to fly, Stinky Diver, who usually swims in toilets, and Meltman, whose only power is to melt, making him the smallest and weakest of the team.

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  • Missing



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  • 太空学校


    太空学校/科幻/冒险/家庭/英语/Jeffrey Hayden/Jonathan Harris/Pamelyn Ferdin

    The adventures of the young space cadets of Space Academy in the year 3732. Commander Gampu was the leader of the academy. Chris and Paul were the oldest of the cadets, and normally led the missions. The cadets were also aided by a cute robot named Peepo.

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  • 灵异之城 第五季

    [2012]灵异之城 第五季[豆瓣8.5分]

    灵异之城 第五季/异镇风云 第五季/异镇 第五季/剧情/喜剧/科幻/英语/马修·海斯廷斯/科林·费格森/莎莉·理查德森/艾瑞卡·塞拉/乔·莫顿

    故事发生在第二次世界大战期间,人们亲临了在广岛和长歧上空的蘑菇云之后,科学与应用科学的碰撞带来的灾难性对于我们世界的持续安全性来说,是显而易见的。美国几乎在核竞争中失败。世界不会再冒险召唤一次死亡的蘑菇云。在阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦和一些值得信任的顾问的帮助下,亨利·S·杜鲁 门总统授权在偏远的大西洋西北进行一个住宅区发展计划。这是一个保护并且照料美国最有价值的脑力...

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  • 灵异之城 第一季

    [2006]灵异之城 第一季[豆瓣7.5分]

    异镇/灵异之城/剧情/喜剧/科幻/英语/Michael Lange/Colin Ferguson/Salli Richardson Whitfield/Debrah Farentino

    Its a small unknown town where the government sticks its smartest and brightest citizens. 在第二次世界大战期间,人们亲临了在广岛和长歧上空的蘑菇云之后,科学与应用科学的碰撞带来的灾难性对于我们世界的持续安全性来说,是显而易见的。美国几乎在核竞争中失败。世界不会再冒险召唤一次死亡的蘑菇云。 在阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦和一些值得信任的顾问的帮助下,亨利·S ·杜鲁门总统...

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  • 三个女孩 第一季

    [2017]三个女孩 第一季[豆瓣8.7分]

    /剧情/英语/Philippa Lowthorpe/玛克辛·皮克/保罗·凯耶/吉尔·哈弗本尼

    Powerful drama based on the experiences of three of the vulnerable young girls who were groomed, sexually abused and trafficked by British Pakistani men in Rochdale and of the failure of the authorities to do anything about it.腐国恶土。“妖艳贱货”怎么可能被强奸,肯定是她自愿的!。我不想看到你受伤害。宁作强悍,别扯善良贤淑单纯。

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  • Horizon Tim Peake Special: How to be an Astronaut

    [2005]Horizon Tim Peake Special: How to [豆瓣0分]

    ///Simon Winchcombe/Tim Peake

    Horizon Tim Peake Special: How to be an Astronaut Unique behind-the-scenes look at Tim Peake as he prepares to become Britain's first astronaut on board the International Space Station.

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  • [2007]"Horizon": How to Commit the Perfe[豆瓣0分]

    ///Jemima Harrison/

    The programme focuses on the notorious and as yet unsolved murder of Alexander Litvinenko. When ex-KGB spy Litvinenko was admitted to hospital in London, it took doctors several weeks to deduce just what was killing him – radiation poisoning. By the time they’d cracked it, he was dead. Litvinenko was poisoned somewhere in the capital by a man who had broug...

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  • 地平线系列


    /纪录片/英语/Jemima Harrison/Paul Vaughan

    Horizon is BBC Two's flagship 50-minute science documentary series. In September 2004 it celebrated its 40th anniversary and it continues to enjoy outstanding critical acclaim. Recognised as the world leader in its field, it regularly wins a sweep of international science, medical and environmental film accolades, and has recently won the Royal Television So...

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  • Con el culo al aire

    [2012]Con el culo al aire[豆瓣0分]


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  • Der Andere

    [1959]Der Andere[豆瓣0分]

    The Other Man/Straßenfeger/冒险/犯罪/动作/德语//

    Der italienische Froschmann und Wissenschaftler Paolo Rocello wird tot aufgefunden – auf einem Hausboot. Der Besitzer des Bootes, Mister Cooper, ist spurlos verschwunden. Das englische Internatsstädtchen Medlow steht von nun an Kopf. Ausgerechnet der sympathische Internatslehrer David Henderson gerät immer stärker unter Mordverdacht. Denn Katherine Walte...

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  • Conflicto


    /剧情/爱情/西班牙语//Alejandro Ciangherotti/Jacqueline Andere/Maruja Grifell/Carmen Molina

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  • 爱在酒乡第1季第1集


    Distilling Love(Season 1, Episode 1)/爱在酒乡第1季第1集/剧情///

    第1季第1集的条目 Season 1, Episode 1 全集请去 http://www.douban.com/subject/4293471/

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  • 爱在酒乡


    Distilling Love/爱在酒乡/剧情/西班牙语/Miguel Córcega/Angélica Rivera/Martha Julia/Ana Martín/Saraí Meza


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  • 莎拉.维纳的美食奇遇 第一季

    [2007]莎拉.维纳的美食奇遇 第一季[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/法语 / 德语/Volker Heise/Sarah Wiener

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  • 未定名诺瓦克·德约科维奇系列纪录片



    亚马逊正式宣布,将在2017年推出当今男子网球世界第一诺瓦克·德约科维奇的系列纪录片《诺瓦克》(暂定名)。纪录片将展现这位已手握12座男子单打大满贯的塞尔维亚 名将球场上下的 经历。小德也表示纪录片不会局限生活,会展现他更为珍视的个人价值观、信仰和生活习惯,并将展现生活中重要的伙伴。 据《好莱坞报道者》深入探访,该系列纪录片会类似真人秀模式,将有摄影团队跟拍诺瓦克的生...

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  • Dead Mann Walking

    [2016]Dead Mann Walking[豆瓣0分]


    CBS looking to put a new twist on the cop drama. The network is teaming with Continuum creator Simon Barry to adapt Stefan Petrucha's zombie best-seller Dead Mann Walking, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The drama takes place in the near future, when a police detective who had been executed for murdering his wife takes a miracle drug and is brought back ...

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  • Deadman



    Deadman centers on Boston Brand, a circus acrobat who is murdered but continues to live on when a supernatural being enables him to possess the living. He then finds himself torn between finding and exacting revenge on the man who killed him and using his new ability to help others.

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  • 谁主白宫——特朗普和希拉里




    2017-05-21 10
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