• И на камнях растут деревья

    [1985]И на камнях растут [豆瓣0分]

    I na kamnyakh rastut derevya/冒险/剧情/俄语/斯坦尼斯拉夫·罗斯托茨基 Stanislav Rostotsky/Aleksandr Timoshkin/Petronella Barker

    2017-10-17 10
  • 写给国王的信


    the Letter for the King/冒险/荷兰语/Pieter Verhoeff/Yannick van de Velde/Quinten Schram/Daan Schuurmans/Victor Reinier

    Thiuri is nearly a knight. He only has to complete one test and he will be knighted. He only has to wake one night in the chapel without talking and without opening the door. Then someone knocks at the door of the chapel and asks for help. Risking his knighthood Tiuri opens the door and helps the guy asking for help. Tiuri has to deliver a letter to a knight...

    2017-10-11 24
  • 好莱坞圣诞


    /冒险/英语/贝蒂·希金斯/贝蒂·希金斯/Jiang Zi Long/Darren Dowler/Jocelyn Saenz

    Charlie, a young boy from China travels all the way from Shanghai to find his fathers restaurant in Hollywood is in trouble. He must convince 3 people to believe in the Spirit of Christmas in order to save his family's dream. This Multi-Award Winning, Family Christmas Comedy will bring your entire family together and includes musical numbers with Bertie Higg...

    2017-10-16 13
  • 商羯罗传


    导师商羯罗/商羯罗传/传记/剧情/Sanskrit/G.V. Iyer/

    在仅仅三十二年的生命中,商羯罗把佛教逐出了印度,重新建立了《吠陀经》的权威性。商羯罗驳倒了佛教徒没有灵魂或自我的信条,重新确立了关于个体灵魂的吠陀真理。 商羯罗是印度中世纪最伟大的经院哲学家,吠檀多不二论的著名理论家。生于西南印度喀拉拉邦马拉巴尔海岸的伽拉迪,属婆罗门种姓。少年时随印度著名的吠檀多不二论者乔奈波陀(640~690)的弟子乔频陀学习婆罗门的经典,以后遍...

    2017-10-10 16
  • 阿维达斯·萨博尼斯11号


    /传记/纪录片/运动/立陶宛语/Rimvydas Cekavicius/Arvydas Sabonis/Kim Bohuny/Valdemaras Chomicius/大卫·罗宾逊

    "Arvydas Sabonis.11" is a documentary movie about the legendary Lithuanian basketball player. This movie is made for Lithuanian basketball legend Arvydas Sabonis with an aim to mention his 50th anniversary celebration. Arvydas Sabonis is the most famous athlete in Lithuania, who has been proclaiming and still proclaims our country with his sport achievement...

    2017-10-15 11
  • Nymphadelle


    /冒险/法语/Quentin de Jubécourt/Lucas Bernardi/Audrey Marain/Olivier le Dauphin/Sidney Laurent

    A long time ago, in a medieval world, Aegeus, son of Lord Theron, is forced to hide in the forest after the murder of his parents for political reasons. He meets there a young woman, Asteria, who decides to follow him on his journey.

    2017-10-09 11
  • Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston

    [2007]Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/纪录片/英语/Heather McCluskey/Christine Bernsten/Eric DiIlio/Rachel Fern Harris

    She was beautiful, smart, and searching. He was an emerging genius in the world of photography. When they met, they fell instantly in love. Setting off across the West with camera and typewriter in the depths of the Great Depression, Charis Wilson and Edward Weston transformed photography, and each other. Now age 90, Charis Wilson recounts her years with Wes...

    2017-10-15 25
  • 文森特·费雷尔


    /传记/西班牙语/Agustín Crespi/伊马诺尔·阿里亚斯/艾妲·弗尔奇/Carles Canut/Alba Flores

    2017-10-08 14
  • Letting Go of Adele

    [2017]Letting Go of Adele[豆瓣0分]

    Adele and Everything After/传记/爱情/纪录片/英语/Melissa Dowler/Marty/Darlene Sullivan/James Januzzi

    The moving story of a woman with an untreatable heart condition whose life is transformed by a service dog, and what happens when she has to let go of the loyal companion who changed her life.

    2017-10-16 12
  • The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt

    [1996]The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt[豆瓣0分]

    /冒险/动画/奇幻/英语/Thomas E. Decker/

    2017-10-10 10
  • Alfonso Sansone produttore per caso

    [2014]Alfonso Sansone produttore per cas[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/历史/意大利语/Claudio Costa/Alfonso Sansone/Franco Avenia/Harald Buggenig/Guido Fiandra

    After the war, almost by chance, Alfonso Sansone starts to produce documentary films with his brother Agostino and moves from Palermo to Rome, the city of film. Thanks to Citto Maselli, he comes into contact with Henryk Chroscicki, an Australian young man of Polish origin, who is in Rome to attend the Experimental Cinematography Centre. Henryk and Alfonso be...

    2017-09-28 11
  • The Last Signals

    [2012]The Last Signals[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/短片/英语//Jacob Swing/Thomas Lynskey

    Junior telegraphist Harold Bride boards the RMS Titanic expecting his career to be a breeze from here on, yet he never expects he and his Chief, John Phillips, to be at the center of saving the lives of the passengers on board... or as many as humanly possible...

    2017-10-16 11
  • In Like Flynn

    [2018]In Like Flynn[豆瓣0分]



    2017-10-10 14
  • Ron Jeremy, Life After the Buffet

    [2014]Ron Jeremy, Life After the Buffet[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/纪录片/英语/Hedda Muskat/罗恩·杰里米/Dennis Hof/Bill Kinison/Craig Gross

    Ron Jeremy is a cultural icon, known as the King of Porn. With his eccentric features that are not your typical chiseled look, somehow he is a sex guru to millions of fans, who feel if Ron can get laid, there's hope for them. Now age 60, Ron Jeremy, Life After the Buffet is an explosive film that exposes Ron in a surprising and very real way. In 2013 Ron mad...

    2017-09-28 13
  • Eye See Me

    [2007]Eye See Me[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/英语/Carlton Enoch/

    2017-10-15 11
  • 最好的朋友


    Spangas in Action/Best Friends/冒险/荷兰语/Jop de Vries/Ricardo Blei/Priscilla Knetemann/Hassan Slaby/Guillermo Hilversum


    2017-10-07 12
  • Jesuíno Brilhante, o Cangaceiro

    [1972]Jesuíno Brilhante, o Cangaceiro[豆瓣0分]

    /冒险/葡萄牙语/William Cobbett/Nery Victor/Vanja Orico

    关于巴西历史上第一个Cangaço(匪徒)Jesuíno Brilhante的生平传记片,Cangaceiro是巴西很重要的传统民间文化之一。Biography of a real-life Brazilian Robin Hood, a reasonably wealthy man who fought for the poor and the slaves in the second half of 19th-century Northeastern Brazil. O filme conta a história de um cangaceiro romantico chamado Jesuíno Alves Calado ...

    2017-09-26 13
  • Belyy sneg Rossii

    [1980]Belyy sneg Rossii[豆瓣0分]


    2017-10-12 11
  • 马拉松选手的梦想


    The Dream of the Marathon Runner/The Marathon Runner’s Dream/传记/意大利语/Leone Pompucci/路易吉·洛·卡肖/劳拉·齐亚蒂/Dajana Roncione/阿历桑多罗·哈伯

    多兰多·皮特里的的传奇故事充满了顽强进取的色彩,他拥有真正的运动员的理想。 出生于意大利卡尔皮一个贫困家庭的多兰多从小就酷爱跑步。在1908年7月24日的伦敦奥运会马拉松比赛上,他实现了成为奥运选手的梦想。当其他选手一个接一个地倒下,多兰多却一直在坚持。在离终点不到一公里的时候,已经只有他一人独自领先了。他筋疲力尽,意识模糊之中竟然朝着相反的方向跑去。等待他的会是怎...

    2017-10-17 10
  • Chaplin: A Silent Icon

    [2016]Chaplin: A Silent Icon[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/纪录片/英语/Bobby Collins/Chris Marsden

    Only a select few actors become international stars in their time, but none had as unique a career as Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin was the first true film star, and he managed to do so even when films were still silent.

    2017-10-01 20
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