• Santabear's High Flying Adventure

    [1987]Santabear's High Flying Adventure[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/英语/Michael Sporn/Kelly McGillis/Bobby McFerrin/John Malkovich/Glenne Headly

    Santabear is given a mission by Santa himself to deliver presents to the South Pole, where hardly anyone believes in Santa Clause, or Christmas. He's also warned of Bully...

    2018-01-16 12
  • 娜乌西卡-奥德赛的另一面


    Nausicaa – The Other Odyssey/动画/短片//Bepi Vigna/

    Nausicaa, a young princess eager to explore the world, meets Ulysses and is fascinated by his stories. After seducing her, the man abandons her. Nausicaa decides to go an...

    2018-01-12 17
  • 哥斯拉:怪兽行星


    哥斯拉:怪兽星球/Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters/动画/日语/静野孔文/梶裕贵/宫野真守/诹访部顺一/花泽香菜


    2018-01-22 68
  • 兵庫のおじさん


    /动画///松尾貴史/春風亭昇太/佐藤真弓/市川 しんぺー


    2018-01-06 19
  • AT!三周年集体动画



    >>>这到底是怎么回事儿 这是“冰糖葫芦儿”集体动画第三次创作,本身没有明确的标题,我们可以叫他“疯狂的集体动画”,也可以是“AT!三周年庆祝动画”。之所以是三周年庆祝,是因为...

    2018-01-24 12
  • 笑傲曇天〈外傳〉~訣別,豺之誓言~


    曇天に笑う〈外伝〉 〜決別、犲の誓い〜/动画//若野哲也/中村悠一/梶裕贵/代永翼


    2017-12-22 23
  • Incubus



    A high-rise apartment dweller suffers through a series of nightmares.

    2018-01-07 14
  • 老兵的世界


    Veterans of the world/动画/奇幻/短片/汉语普通话/张问侃/


    2017-12-22 22
  • 摇滚奥德赛



    Originally produced in 1981-1982, and intended as a prime-time TV special for ABC. The project was shelved after negative reaction by H-B and Taft executives to the film'...

    2018-01-15 15
  • Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweinerei

    [2016]Mullewapp - Eine schöne Schweiner[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/德语/Theresa Strozyk/克里斯蒂安·乌蒙/拉尔夫·施密茨/Carolin Kebekus/米夏埃尔·克斯勒

    2017-12-31 11
  • 面具国



    面具国是一个架空的世界,这里戴面具被写入法律,人们生活在面具的下面,摘掉面具就会被视为异类,并且会受到面具的追捕。主角试图反抗,最终被抓起来,扔回到原来的生活中。 本片为...

    2018-01-15 36
  • 树上的狼




    2017-12-19 35
  • Shaka no shogai

    [1961]Shaka no shogai[豆瓣0分]


    2018-01-01 16
  • Super Wings!

    [2015]Super Wings![豆瓣0分]

    /动画/英语 / 韩语 / 汉语普通话//Luca Padovan/Joseph Ricci/Logan J Rush/Colin Critchley

    "Super Wings" series revolves around an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. With every delivery, Jett encounters a new pr...

    2017-12-20 32
  • 第七


    暗夜惊魂/动画/英语/Sara Pocock/

    When a girl gets off at the wrong bus stop on her way to meet a new friend, she finds herself alone in a part of the city she is unfamiliar with... 小女孩今晚要跟新朋友见...

    2017-12-29 19
  • 精灵宝可梦:就决定是你了


    宠物小精灵:就决定是你了/神奇宝贝:就决定是你了/Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!/动画/奇幻/冒险/日语/汤山邦彦/松本梨香/大谷育江/佐藤刊里/本乡奏多

    小智(松本莉香 配音)来自真新镇,他的目标是要成为神奇宝贝顶级训练师。在即将展开训练师旅程的一天,因为迟到,他并没有拿到初始的小精灵。大木博士(石冢运昇 配音)见状,便送了...

    2017-12-19 318
  • The Overcoat

    [2017]The Overcoat[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/英语/Meelis Arulepp/基里安·墨菲/阿尔弗雷德·莫里纳/迈克尔·麦克埃尔哈顿/菲奥娜·奥肖内西

    An animated adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's classic short story about an office worker (Cillian Murphy) who saves all his money to buy a new coat in time for Christmas, onl...

    2018-01-08 22
  • 安妮日记


    Anne no nikki/The Diary of Anne Frank/动画/传记/剧情/日语/永丘昭典/草彅剛/高橋玲奈/加藤剛/樫山文枝


    2017-12-26 121
  • Tsnobismokvare


    /动画/短片/格鲁吉亚语/Giorgi Kasradze/

    2017-12-08 10
  • 金龟子


    The Ladybug/动画/冒险/家庭/汉语普通话/丁实/刘纯燕/张磊/杨晨/王逸宸


    2018-01-16 20
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