• 群鸟之地



    Sheila Hood is an ex-cop whose marriage is on the rocks. Rather than confronting her husband about an affair, she hides surveillance cameras in her home and watches his t...

    2018-04-02 32
  • 切入点


    切入点/温柔的背后/犯罪/惊悚/英语/Stephen Bridgewater/Felix J. Boyle/Max Burkholder/Sandi Craig


    2018-04-02 26
  • 爱,悲伤的预兆


    Lyubov, predvestie pechali/爱,悲伤的预兆/犯罪/剧情/俄语/Viktor Sergeyev/

    Жили-были два друга, оба художники, оба женаты. Их семейные пары прожили в любви и согласии не...

    2018-03-29 37
  • 血とエクスタシー



    「美しいわ、あなた…ピンで留められた蝶よりも、何倍も美しい」深いエクスタシーの淵から帰って来た女(麻生真宮子)は、 血塗られたナイフに舌を這わせながら、そう呟いた。 「鋭利...

    2018-04-22 10
  • 三浦和義事件 ロス疑惑の真実

    [2004]三浦和義事件 ロス疑惑の真実[豆瓣0分]



    2018-04-12 16
  • 犯罪河岸


    犯罪河岸/巴黎警局/Quay of the Goldsmiths/犯罪/剧情/音乐/法语/亨利-乔治·克鲁佐/苏希·德莱尔/贝尔纳·布里埃/路易·茹韦


    2018-04-02 18
  • 混浴岩風呂連続殺人・にせ夫婦東北ツアー 運ばれた全裸死体




    2018-03-28 16
  • Do You Know Me?

    []Do You Know Me?[豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/悬疑/惊悚/英语/Penelope Buitenhuis/Rachelle Lefevre/Jeremy London

    Ellie Carter is recently graduated and has it all. While celebrating with friend and boyfriend, she comes across a milk carton with a picture of a missing child that look...

    2018-04-01 29
  • 混浴岩風呂連続殺人・にせ夫婦東北ツアー 運ばれた全裸死体	 混浴岩風呂連続殺人・露天風呂連続殺人・婚前奥伊豆旅行




    2018-03-28 25
  • Monsters of Mulberry Street

    [2017]Monsters of Mulberry Street[豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/英语/John Abrahante/Frankie Montero/Kevin Pettei/埃里克·罗伯茨/李洛·布兰卡托

    Mario Latona, (Frank Montero) and his crew are young kids with a passion for crime. Mario dreams of becoming a real gangster like his Uncle Frank, (Alfredo Nasti) an unde...

    2018-04-09 17
  • Betrayed Women

    [1955]Betrayed Women[豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/剧情/英语/Edward L. Cahn/

    2018-04-01 18
  • Jack Taylor: The Dramatist

    [2013]Jack Taylor: The Dramatist[豆瓣0分]

    Jack Taylor: Königin der Schmerzen/犯罪/英语 / 德语/斯图尔特·奥玛/Colm Ward/Kathleen Rayner/Niall Buggy/伊恩·格雷

    A female student dies from a fall from the roof of the university. She is dressed in a theatre costume and wears a ring of paper with a quote from the play "Deirdre of th...

    2018-03-19 44
  • 杀人者的记忆法:新的记忆



    2018-04-05 43
  • 拐点



    本片根据郑州市公安局高新区公安分局,打击拐卖妇女儿童犯罪专项斗争中广泛展开的众多真实案例进行改编。 一次成功“帮助处理”婴儿事件,使得赵宝刚深陷犯罪深渊而不自觉,手段也越...

    2018-03-31 27
  • 开膛手杰克


    /犯罪/恐怖/悬疑/英语/罗伯特贝克/李·帕特森/Eddie Byrne/Betty McDowall/Ewen Solon

    A serial killer is murdering women in the Whitechapel district of London. An American policeman is brought in to help Scotland Yard solve the case.

    2018-04-05 37
  • Able Danger

    [2008]Able Danger[豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/剧情/惊悚/英语 / 德语/Dave Herman/埃琳娜·勒文松/亚当·尼/Michael J. Burg/Gregory Paul Martin

    Synopsis: Thomas Flynn is just a guy who runs a cafe in Brooklyn; but his insistence that 9/11 was a government conspiracy turns his world upside down. When he's implicat...

    2018-03-19 24
  • Penitentiary Chances
  • 校园制霸编年史


    Gachi Ultimatum/犯罪/惊悚/日语/元木隆史/佐野和真/窪田正孝/荒井敦史/上鶴徹


    2018-03-13 76
  • 命案目睹记:卧铺特急杀人事件



    天海祐希及澤村一樹將主演阿嘉莎·克莉絲蒂兩部作品改編的日劇,天海主演1957年作品《命案目睹記》(4.50 from Paddington),原作主角是以敏銳觀察力破解困難案件的老婦人,今次日版...

    2018-04-03 56
  • Don't Look Back!

    [2003]Don't Look Back![豆瓣0分]

    /犯罪/惊悚/英语/Nicholas A.J. Sherard/

    2018-03-31 17
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