• There Are Monsters

    [2013]There Are Monsters[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Jay Dahl/Matthew Amyotte/Jason Daley/Michael Ray Fox

    There Are Monsters is a feature length horror based upon the apocalyptic premise that the world is being taken over -slowly, quietly and efficiently- by creatures that look exactly like us. The story follows a graduate-student film crew who, on a work-related road trip, discover evidence of these doppelgangers. Soon the crew realizes something is very wrong ...

    2017-10-20 20
  • 圣礼


    /恐怖/英语/Shawn Ewert/玛丽莲·伯恩斯/Carl Bailey/Larry Jack Dotson

    Leaving the city behind for a weekend of booze, bud and bonding at the coast, seven friends find themselves stranded en route to South Padre Island when a big storm interferes with their plans. The town of Middle Spring is more than happy to welcome them with open arms, however; located in the rhinestone buckle of the Bible Belt, Middle Spring is smack-dab i...

    2017-10-14 31
  • Exhume


    /恐怖/英语/Scott Poiley/威廉·海兹/Alice Rietveld/Tony Senzamici

    Based on true events, Patrick and his wife Karen Connor are hired by the state to exhume bodies resting under a closed down reform school known for the sadistic torture and murder of young boys in the early 1900's. During this horrific excavation they are met with unnatural forces causing them to question their sanity and will to live.

    2017-10-23 13
  • Headcrusher


    /恐怖/英语/Ricardo Islas/

    2017-10-19 18
  • Holy Terror

    [2017]Holy Terror[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Rich Mallery/Kristine DeBell/莉莎·朗敦/Mel Novak/Kelly Lynn Reiter

    Believing their deceased son isn't at peace, Molly and Tom ask a medium to make contact. But after they invite a vengeful demon to cross over, the couple must enlist the help of a disgraced priest to attempt a dangerous exorcism.

    2017-10-11 26
  • 魔斬子 II Lumière noire et noir blanc 破曲

    [2010]魔斬子 II Lumière noire et noir b[豆瓣0分]



    2017-10-22 18
  • 血潜行者 Bloodstalkers

    [1978]血潜行者 Bloodstalkers[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Robert W. Morgan/Ken Miller/Toni Crabtree

    A horror movie about two tourists in Florida who is attacked by a chilling group of backwoods psychopaths

    2017-10-17 32
  • Sacrilege


    /恐怖/英语/Paul Catalanotto/Kim Baptiste/Megan Few/Jenn Foreman/Chad Graham

    Carefree and desperate to avoid any responsibility, Jessica, a college student, visits a yard sale to buy a gift for her best friend. However, the music box she brings home is haunted by a vicious demonic entity eager to feed off the lives of all who hear the box's melody. After her best friend takes her own life, Jessica seeks the aid of two ghost hunters, ...

    2017-10-08 64
  • 罪恶姐妹


    /恐怖/英语/Greg Griffin/Justin Gorence/拉腊·达安斯/Heather Lee McIntyre

    2017-10-21 13
  • The Devil’s Toybox

    [2017]The Devil’s Toybox[豆瓣0分]

    Out of the Shadows/恐怖/英语/Allen Kellogg/Allen Kellogg/Meredith Kochan/Spencer Jay Kim

    Cynthia O'Neil enters a haunted asylum known as the Madison Seminary in search of her father who went missing in the asylum while shooting a reality television show.

    2017-10-15 22
  • 狂野城市


    /恐怖/英语/Craig Strachan/Samantha Shields/Martin Compston/Peter Capaldi

    After being forced to give her baby boy up for adoption, Glasgow teenager Kelly Ann decides to go on a cross country hike through the Scottish Highlands with a group of friends. Kelly Ann's ex - boyfriend Lee then appears uninvited in an attempt to rekindle their relationship. Things do not go to plan however when Kelly Ann & Lee find an abandoned baby in th...

    2017-10-08 15
  • 误入魔爪


    /恐怖/英语/Joshua Shreve/Jordyn Rudolph/Brad Bell/Ryan Rudolph

    Four teenagers on a road trip decide to take a detour and find themselves at a haunted house Halloween scream park deep in the woods of southern Kentucky.After witnessing an assortment of torture and gore, they start wondering if what they are experiencing isn’t a little too realistic. Before they know it, each one of them is captured and made part of the h...

    2017-10-22 29
  • 黑色喜剧


    /恐怖/短片/英语/Chris Woods/Joel D. Wynkoop/Rod Grant/Rob Elfstrom

    2017-10-22 10
  • Lockout


    /恐怖/英语/Ricardo Islas/

    2017-10-19 10
  • Jebediah


    /恐怖/英语/Joe Ripple/Brian Greenwell/Danielle Lozeau

    2017-10-10 15


    /恐怖/英语/Domiziano Cristopharo/Roberta Gemma/朱利叶斯·J·爱泼斯坦/Edwin Garcia

    Phobia is a 2017 British/Italian horror anthology film produced by Tony Newton.The film delves into the horrors of an individual phobia via each segment.

    2017-10-17 26
  • 传染


    /恐怖/英语/Jason Wright/Darren Kent/Lee Nicholas Harris/Lindy Pieri

    After the accident, Rebecca discovers herself in a very different world than she remembers. Plagued by her patchy memory and self-doubt she fends for herself. She encounters Gary who tells her a terrifying story of his escape from the local jail. Can Rebecca trust Gary? Can she cope with what she learns? Can she survive in the world of the 'Infected'. Infect...

    2017-10-03 32
  • A Reflection Of Fear

    [1973]A Reflection Of Fear[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/William A. Fraker/Robert Shaw/Sally Kellerman

    A young girl lives with her mother and grandmother. One day her estranged father returns home with a female companion he introduces as his fiance...

    2017-10-09 26
  • 传染歌


    Gloomy Sunday/Deadly Song/Densen-Uta/Densen Uta/恐怖/日语/原田真人/松田龙平/伊势谷友介/阿部宽/木村佳乃

    午后学校的露台上,名叫香奈的女生突然自杀身亡,在场的同学杏子(大岛优子 饰),听到了香奈自杀时哼出的令人毛骨悚然的歌声。事件引起了媒体的骚动,三流杂志《月刊MASACA》的编辑长濑陆(松田龙平 饰)和同时太一(伊势谷有介 饰),经调查找到了事件的根源——曾经唱了十年前发行的流行歌曲《我的花》的人都自杀了。 濑陆从香奈的同学那里得到香奈男朋友的线索,但赶到时他也割腕自杀...

    2017-10-03 27
  • 钉死


    /恐怖/英语/Bill Zebub/

    2017-10-22 19
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